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Immerse yourself in the rich, swampy realms of mycology with Full Canopy Genetics Bayou Liquid Culture. This exceptional liquid culture is specially crafted for the Bayou strain, a variant of Psilocybe cubensis known for its robust growth and deep, earthy characteristics. The Bayou strain offers a unique cultivation experience, echoing the mysterious and fertile landscapes of the bayou.

Key Features:

  • Select Genetic Harvest: Derived from outstanding Bayou specimens for vigorous growth and high yields.
  • Adaptable to Various Substrates: Ideal for diverse growing environments, including grains and organic substrates.
  • Rapid Colonization: Enables quick mycelial expansion, reducing the time to harvest.
  • Extended Shelf Life: Carefully prepared to maintain potency and effectiveness over long periods in refrigeration.

Product Details:

  • Content: Pure Bayou mycelium in a nutrient-rich liquid solution.
  • Packaging: Delivered in a sterile syringe for precise and contamination-free inoculation.
  • Volume: Generously filled to support multiple inoculations.
  • Storage: Comes with clear guidelines for refrigeration, ensuring culture longevity and efficacy.

Explore the unique charm of southern mycology with Full Canopy Genetics Bayou Liquid Culture, where the spirit of the bayou meets the art of mushroom cultivation.

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