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Cascadian Teacher

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Delve into the lush world of mycology with Full Canopy Genetics Cascadian Teacher Liquid Culture. This premium liquid culture is designed for the Cascadian Teacher strain, a distinguished variant of Psilocybe cubensis. Celebrated for its robust growth and enlightening properties, the Cascadian Teacher strain is a treasure among mushroom cultivators, offering both reliability and profound experiences.

Key Features:

  • Superior Strain Selection: Sourced from the finest Cascadian Teacher specimens, ensuring vigorous growth and abundant yields.
  • Versatile Cultivation: Ideal for a range of substrates, from nutrient-rich grains to organic matter.
  • Efficient Colonization: Facilitates rapid mycelial expansion for quicker harvest cycles.
  • Prolonged Viability: Expertly crafted to retain potency over extended storage periods.

Product Details:

  • Content: Pure Cascadian Teacher mycelium in a nutrient-dense liquid solution.
  • Packaging: Comes in a sterile syringe, ensuring easy and safe application.
  • Volume: Generously filled for multiple inoculations.
  • Storage: Detailed refrigeration guidelines included to extend shelf life and maintain culture integrity.

Experience the essence of Pacific Northwest mycology with Full Canopy Genetics Cascadian Teacher Liquid Culture, where quality meets the mystique of cultivation.

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20 - 99 20%
100 + 50%

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